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Clean Kids Get Sick and Die EP

by Ludlow

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released January 14, 2015

Sage - guitar/vox
Krbs - banjo/vox



all rights reserved


Ludlow Colorado

We are anti - capitalism, sexism, racism, transphobia, body shame, prisons, and police - we sing songs about it.

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Track Name: Clean Kids Get Sick and Die
I've been wearing the same clothes for a week or so today
and eating out of dumpsters makes it hard to maintain weight
but leave me with some whiskey and you know that i'll be fine
i said leave me with my spirits you know they treat me right

and it dont matter the soil no sir it dont matter the town
something bigger is always there to keep you down
like plastic walls and concrete, filtered water and air
theyre incubating us all and we dont fucking care

you might be wearing cleaner socks inside your shoes
you might wear cologne and you might wear perfume
but there aint no difference between us, no none at all
cause we all do the same shit inside those bathroom stalls

im sorry i broke into your homes im sorry i drank your beer
i promise im just trying to my best while im still here
but i shouldnt have taken my anger out on yall
by pissing in your fridges and pissing on your walls

ive heard a lot of jokes, ive heard a lot of truths
but nothing struck me deeper than the time that i saw you
stuck inside your head medicated through and through
cant you see theyre waging this war against you too

i guess i really cant say that i know a goddamn thing
i aint no doctor i just got these songs to sing
so keep on diagnosing yourselves keep on popping pills
and you know that big pharma will keep racking up those bills
Track Name: Nacho Job
its not your job to make other people happy
have you asked yourself if you are today
are you happy? cause your eyes always look scared
and ive forgotten the way your smile tastes
and your nightmares keep me up at night
and im exhausted all the time

and i know its not your fault
but youre really bringing me down
and i cant save you so stop trying to save me
cause its not working out
i get the feeling that this is more truoble than its worth
cause i only seem to make you cry
and everytime i leave hating myself more
than i did when i arrived and thats not right

so run away and dont tell anybody why
you dont owe them an excuse or explanation for your actions
cause darling its your life and its about time you started acting like it

and they say were born and die alone
so i wont give up my happiness for anyone anymore
Track Name: Hollywood Romance
well i thought that id found love but i forget that shit dont work that way
and maybe were all taught what love is and what its not
and maybe were all thinking that someone will make us feel better
about dying alone
and maybe i wrote this song so somebody would come along
and show me where i went wrong

but i said the same thing once before about god
when i cursed that bastard with every breath that i had
and lightning never struck me and no body made me believe
but the devil so there must be a god above
or not cause this place is going to shit
and i think i found out who my enemy is
and god and the devil are starting to look a lot like us

so maybe this loneliness brings us all together
cause misery loves company
and everyone is so damn tired of being heartbroke all the time
and its making my heart ache the way that we commodify everything
and ass lonely as you get in your empty beds
id say that everyone else is feeling the same
and those who feel alone lying next to someone else
maybe you should reevaluate how you came to define love
in the first place
im tired of romance found on a screen
they told us what to feel what to think and what to believe

how many times do i need to repeat myself before you understand
im sick of these definitions of whats a woman whats a man
and whos fucking who and where and with what hand
i dont need these definitions to tell me who i am

so pray pray away the gay but we aint leaving

and maybe what weve defined romance to be was marketed for profit like how the nuclear family was designed for economic efficiency
Track Name: Fraternal
ive got a brother whos first breath was four minutes after mine and ever since weve been stuck by eachothers side
he grew up to be a foot taller than me which might explain why he sees this world so differently than me
and he played football while i played in a grage band shaved his head for the army while i shaved mine out of protest of men like him
he loves his country so i told him about corruption

and our dna isnt as different as it seems but judging by our lives id say otherwise
and you may be more functional in society but we still share our mothers eyes

ive got a brother who sold crystal meth but i cant ever blame him he was trying his best to feed our family
and i remember the night when you asked me if shit came down to us and them who would we defend
and i tried to keep my promise that night when you were stabbed but i didnt have the courage to follow through

and you said this city isnt as bad it seems but judging by our lives id say otherwise
and you may be better suited for that society but we still share our mothers eyes
Track Name: I Got Nothin
well my daddy told me that hard work would set me free but i dont think he understands this economy
and they broadcast this shit on everyones tvs and theyve set up fast food death traps on the corners of every street
and we all model our lives in the same gendered ways and the radios been playing the same shit for two fucking decades

well weve got the numbered but theyve got the cheese
theyve got the medicines and weve got disease
but ive felt more love from the people on the street
than ive ever felt from the social elite

and my friend nick once told me that if you carry around a hammer everything starts looking like a nail
and that might be the reason why cops and politicians keep on throwing folks like us in jail
or why priests and pastors and all the other bastards want to damn us all to hell
Track Name: Trust No Cop
quite frankly im exhausted from being angry all the time
but ive found that its hard not to be living with your eyes open wide
turns out that they werent lying when they said that ignorance is bliss
just because these problems do not affect you doesnt mean that they do not exist

theyre killing our boys for holding toy guns and kidnapping our students, murdering our loved ones
why dont you understand you cant face the cops against themselves
why dont you understand that judge wont prosecute himself
why dont you understand you cant fight the system with itself

and no rights were ever won sitting quietly waiting for justice to come
and if you are neutral and idle youre feeding into the problem
so dont the other cheek watching from the other side of a screen
you are as powerful as you allow yourself to be

were all fighting the same war on different fronts
attacking the same system of oppression
i know that its easy to forget that there are less of them than us
its about time for an uprising
if we come together we can finally get shit done
and im sick of seeing cops taking innocent lives
i cant remember all their names and stories no matter how hard i try

all i can see is bloodstained skin behind red and blue lights
Track Name: Song About Patriarchy
men control my life they taught me i was only useful as a sex toy or a submissive wife or as an extra in a plot that thickens around the men within it i have no depth but he six inch orifice between my legs
lets not forget about my mouth ive been told that i look pretty with it full that way you cant hear the thoughts inside my skull
and you dont listen anyway you speak over me then ask what i have to say then youll interrupt me again and again and it was men who put up airbrushed pictures of half naked girls on every bus stop corner and every billboard and theyll tell you youre not good enough but lucky you theres a pill for that buy back your self confidence at fifty bucks a pack dont worry it was tested on animals first

and im not just a piece of meat for you to get off with and if im not here to please to you i am worthless and i am just an ant looking for a sense of significance and living in a patriarchy has made me question my existence

and im sick of fearing for my life clutching my keys between my fingers walking home at night and i bought pepper spray when i moved to the university cause boys are just wolves in sheep's clothing theyll hunt you for sport

and i dont remember asking for your opinion i got all dolled up for myself so i dont wanna hear it and nice tits isnt a compliment so id appreciate if you would stop staring at them is it so much to ask for a little respect rather than constantly being sexualized and objectified in a world ruled by men