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from by Ludlow

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They’ve domesticated us they’ve turned us into sheep
We’re all hypnotized,walking in our sleep
Distracted by media and a market of commodities 
We’re just resources, units for their economy

And they want technology that’ll make us obsolete 
I mean why pay for workers when you can automate machines
yeah we’re being ruled by other human beings 
who seem to have forgotten what that means

we’re hamsters on a wheel we’re a human fucking farm
And they’ve worked us to the bone we’re all weathered and worn
In this new age religion with caste systems and feudal lords
Convincing us life’s a dream while we operate their stores

Cause it’s social control,recirculation of wealth
It’s a power dynamic we’re all stuck in a cell
Whether it’s iron bars or a cubicle
We’ve all gotten used to it, it’s business as usual 

And the workers are just as guilty as the bourgeoisie 
Cause we’re doing the killing,we’re building death machines 
We’re on the front lines for the army and marines 
And we’re the cops patrolling every city street

we are the market we are the industry
And it’s our trash collecting into plastic islands in the sea
We’re destroying ourselves and this planet collectively
and I don’t know who to blame but neoliberal policy

Cause the wealth divide is getting greater in this nation 
And it’s not gonna stop until we reach starvation 
But don’t you worry no don’t lose your patience
It’ll all trickle down once they get off their vacations

It’s in the air you breathe and it’s also in the water
It’s something you can’t see,you’ve been warned of by your mothers and it’s not the soylent green
Or the chemtrails that they’re streaking
It’s a poison that comes from you its a poison that comes from me
Can you hear the children scream
It’s the sound of freedom ringing

we’re birthed from generations of violence and disease
we pardoned the scientists from the nazi regime
Who’ve been studying us for over a century 
Learning new ways to change how we think
And the observer effect is not a fucking joke
Why do you think they’ve built satellites to circle the globe
mice behave in different ways when they’re watched I’ve been told
And the NSA has eyes around the world
They say after the revolution kill the revolutionary
Cause we’re just as afflicted by our poisonous society
And we’ll tear down the state build a new one in its place
That’ll feed off the labor of the human race


from Destroy What Destroys You, released May 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Ludlow Colorado

We are anti - capitalism, sexism, racism, transphobia, body shame, prisons, and police - we sing songs about it.

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